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Name Term of office Category Committee membership
Mr M Nadasdy (Chair of Governors) 03/09/12 - 02/09/16 Parent Governor School Improvement (Chair)
Mr R Cano Ex-officio -01/09/06 Headteacher Resources and School Improvement
Mrs S Barnes 10/02/14 - 09/02/18 Co-opted Governor Resources and School Improvement
Mrs C Bechman 09/11/15 - 08/11/19 Co-opted Governor Resources
Mrs R Ford 11/09/13 - 10/09/17 Parent Governor Resources
Miss C Lewis 04/02/13 - 03/02/17 Staff Governor School Improvement
Mrs E Morris 25/09/14 - 24/09/18 Co-opted Governor School Improvement
Mrs J O'Sullivan 11/09/13 - 10/09/17 LEA Governor School Improvement
Mr G Smith (Vice Chair) 03/09/12 - 02/09/16 Parent Governor Resources (Chair)
Mrs S Williams 25/09/14 - 24/09/18 Co-opted Governor Resources
Mrs E Wilson 30/03/15 - 29/03/19 Parent Governor School Improvement
Mrs J Darley   Clerk to Governors  


Chair’s introduction:

As the Chair of Governors and as a parent, I am delighted to welcome you to the Governors’ section of the Purwell School website.

We have an extremely active Governing Body at Purwell who work very closely with the Headteacher, and all the staff at the school.  In broad terms, as a Governing Body we:

  • Take a strategic role in the running of Purwell School.
  • Act as a critical friend to the School.
  • Ensure accountability to the school community.

We work in partnership with Headteacher and the school staff, taking an active interest in the direction of travel and the improvement plans for the school, as well as financial monitoring.  We do not get involved in the day-to-day operation of the school, as this is the responsibility of the teaching and management staff. 

We are delighted that the School is recognised as ‘good’ by Ofsted - this is a tremendous achievement by everyone involved.  As a Governing Body, we are working alongside the Senior Leadership Team to build on this success and commit to a plan of improvement for the learning outcomes of all our students in which we aspire to become ‘outstanding’.

There are currently 11 governors at Purwell School who are appointed through various routes.  There are parent governors, who are elected by the parents themselves, and co-opted governors who are people from our community that can bring skills to the Governing Body to contribute to the School.  Co-opted governors are appointed by the Governing Body itself.  You can find out more about each governor here (insert link or add tab)

We are always keen to hear from anyone who is interested in becoming a governor and of course, if you have and questions or feedback please contact the school office.

Best regards,

Michael Nadasdy
Chair of Governors at Purwell School


Overview of the Governing Body:

It is difficult to summarise in a few paragraphs the role and responsibilities of the Purwell School Governing Body, not least because any summary runs the risk of missing out some important aspect of the governors’ role. The things we must ensure happen are many and varied and are described in immense detail in government legislation, guidelines and instructions.

In essence, the Governors are responsible for ensuring the school is operating effectively and in line with legislative and educational requirements. Much of the detailed work is devolved to the Resources Committee or the School Improvement Committee.

The Governors, with advice and input from the Headteacher, set aims and objectives for the school, define a wide range of policies such as Health and Safety, Behaviour, and Safeguarding and review the progress of the school over time. The Senior Leadership Team gets on with managing the school, whilst the Governors are expected to act at a mainly strategic level.

All Governors attend the regular Full Governing Body meeting which takes place once every half-term.  We review the Headteacher’s report and several policies at each meeting to ensure they remain relevant and up to date.  The Full Governing Body also receives updates from the committees and formally reviews the budget.

Supporting the Full Governing Body are two committees which meet once a term and focus on specific areas.  The Resources Committee looks at the school’s budget and facilities and the School Improvement Committee reviews the performance of the school, whilst exploring further opportunities for improvement.  We also work alongside Hertfordshire County Council and there are several additional resources that we tap into to help us fulfil our role:

JARV – Joint Annual Review Visit

  • How do they say we are doing?

SEF – Self Evaluation Form

  • How do we think we are doing?

SDP – School Development Plan

  • What are we going to do about it?

SFVS – School Financial Values Standards

  • How much does it cost and do we get good value for money?

As well as the formal legal role, the Governors also support the Headteacher and the staff by acting as a critical friend.  We each take the lead on specific subject areas and visit the school to meet with the lead teacher to discuss plans and progress.  We also have the opportunity to see the teaching in action.  This helps us to better understand the work that teachers do and develop connections with the staff.  We also support the school in a more general sense, by helping to ensure the school has the resources and facilities to be run smoothly and effectively.

Understanding the concerns and interests of parents and carers is important to us, so do please take the opportunity to respond to requests from the school for your view, such as in the regular Parents’ Survey.




Michael Nadasdy

I became a governor because I wanted to get closer to my children’s experience at school; little did I realise that was not what was going to happen!  Instead I have a very broad overview of the whole school and get to contribute to the success of every child that attends Purwell.  Even better in my view! 

I am the current Chair of Governors and I am also chairing the School Improvement Committee until our other governors gain some more experience.  I have subject lead responsibility for Safeguarding, Child Protection, Children Looked After, Anti-radicalisation, English, Physical Education, and PSHE and Citizenship.

I work for Hertfordshire County Council as a programme officer for safer communities, which is essentially a strategic, project management role.


Richard Cano

I joined Purwell School in 2000 as the Deputy Head and taught year 6 for six years. In 2006, I became the Headteacher and have enjoyed the continuous challenge that the role brings.  

Purwell is a wonderful school to work in and I feel very fortunate to be a part of the journey of progress that the team is all working hard to continue.


Stella Barnes

I am the School Business Manager and I have worked at the school, in the office, since November 2000.  My own three children were pupils at the school at that time.  I was the School Secretary, working alone in the office.  My duties included being Clerk to the Governing Body.  

Over the years, as the demands on the school office increased, further members of office staff have been employed, and I became the School Business Manager in September 2012.   

I became a governor in February 2014, and relinquished clerking duties.  I am a member of both the Resources Committee and the School Improvement Committee. I am the link governor for Science, Art and Design and Design and Technology.


Carolyn Bechman

I became a governor in November 2015 because I am interested in children's education.  I wanted to contribute towards the school's success and help future generations to receive the best education.

My subject lead is History and I am responsible for Equality. I am also on the Resources Committee.

I previously worked as a sub editor for an information security magazine and am currently taking a career break to be a full-time mum.


Clare Day-Lewis

I am the Deputy Headteacher and SENCo at Purwell Primary School.  I began my teaching career at a local Hitchin school, so have been in the area for many years. I have had various roles over my 16 years teaching experience, including deputy DSP for safeguarding, many different subject leader roles, various leadership roles and two terms as acting headteacher at York Road Nursery School.

I also have a son who is three, so I am now increasing my knowledge of early years provision and their curriculum and resources. I have been a governor for 7 years at Purwell and also sit on another Governing Body.  I enjoy spending quality family time at weekends.


Rosalind Ford

I became a governor in 2013 as I was keen to use my operational business and project management skills to help support the school achieve its aims and ambitions.  

I am the link governor for Mathematics and for Music; both subject areas where I am passionate that we need to continue our focus and build on the excellent progress made.  


Emel Morris

I joined the Governing Body in 2014 as a co-opted governor.  I wanted to get involved with the school and to contribute to its ongoing improvement.  It has been truly eye opening to learn the extent of the operation and I am regularly impressed by the quality and commitment of everyone at our school.

I am the link governor for Spanish, Staff Development and the school’s website.  I meet with the staff leads for these areas regularly, to learn about their progress and plans.  In addition, I am a member of the School Improvement Committee.

I have spent 17 years in Local Government and currently work in IT.  I have a background in Marketing and Communications and have a keen interest in business transformation.


Jenny O’Sullivan

I am a parent governor at Purwell and my link area is Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, Able and Talented Pupils.   I have been a governor since 2013 and enjoy being involved with the school in such a capacity.

My background is in education and I currently teach Art and Design at North Herts College.


Graham Smith

I was appointed a parent governor in September 2012 and I chair the Resources Committee.  I have two children at the school and am proud of the role the school plays at the heart of the local community.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to help support Purwell School. I strive to use my personal and professional skills and experience to support Purwell wherever possible. 

My professional experience as a Facilities Manager and my skills in process improvement help me support the school on health and safety and premises management. 



Sarah Williams

I became a governor in September 2014 because, having previously been a primary school teacher, I missed being involved in a school community.

I am currently a stay at home Mum with my two boys, who are 4 and 2.

I am the link governor for Foundation Stage, Religious Education and Computing and I am a member of the Resources Committee.



Emily Wilson

I became a parent governor in April 2014 because I wanted to be involved with supporting and developing Purwell School to be the best that it can be.

I am the link governor for Geography and Pupil Premium Funding and I am on the School Improvement Committee.

I am a Speech and Language Therapist.